Want an easy way to get to know your neighbors?

Are you part of a community where people live together but maybe don’t really know one another?

Introducing the

It's a new tool that enables you to share your backstory
and learn those of your neighbors,
fostering relationship-building connections easier and faster.

Rooted in Science

How do people go from being casual acquaintances to becoming friends? What forms those connections? Why are some better at it than others? 

Dr. Jeffrey Hall of the University of Kansas has spent the last decade exploring those topics. Not surprisingly, a key component in forming closer bonds is getting to know one another through multiple interactions, conversations, and connections over time. 

This happens naturally, of course, but could there be a way to help the process? 

Relationship-building Connections

The Let’s Get Cozy Profile is rooted in academic research and jumpstarts neighborly interactions and conversations with a fun and engaging question-and-answer form that then generates a two-page profile. Think “Mad Libs” on steroids.

You decide what questions you answer, telling as much as your story as you want.

Then, when you share your profile with your neighbors, they  will quickly know more about you. Like where you’re from, the story behind your name, your family composition, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and favorite activities, and even your favorite superhero.

You control what you share and to whom you share it . Readers of your profile will learn enough about you to have richer, more meaningful conversations immediately. And each profile you’ll read from your neighbors will give you a wealth of information to explore when you next meet.

Every profile can generate
40+ conversation starters

The Profile

The Let’s Get Cozy Profile takes about 15 minutes to complete. You decide what questions you answer, but more answers means you’ll be helping people get to know you better, faster.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Click here and create your account. This will be yours until you delete it. Use the Group Code you have been given so your account is tied to your group.

Step 2:

Take a look at the profile questionnaire. Click through and read it all and then come back and begin. Remember, you decide which questions you want to answer, but more answers will help people get to know you better, faster.

Also, you’ll be asked to include a recent photo of yourself — to put a face to the name. Take a quick selfie and we’ll explain how to upload it to your profile.

Step 3:

Once you’re happy with your answers, hit “Submit” to complete your profile. In a few seconds, you’ll get a virtual version of your profile that you can then do one final edit on before you tell our system to create your PDF version for downloading and printing.

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